mother s day英语作文

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my mother and my family had breakfast at 6:30. i rode bike to school at 7:35 .i had the first class at 8o'clock. i had lunch at school at 11:50 .i chatted with my classmates at

On mother's day.I often go shopping with my mother.I can buy some presents for my mother,I canI help my mother with some homework.My mother often very happy.My father often cooks nice food for my mother.We usually have a party in the nightfor my mother.We sometimes order a cake for my mother.My mother alawys happy!

My mother keeps busy every day.Yesterday, when she gets up in the moring, she cooked breakfast for us. After breakfast, she took my little sister to school. Then she went to

My mother and my family to eat breakfast are 6:30, 7:35 riding a bike to school, 8:00 in the school classroom, school, 11:50 to eat at school, 3:20 in the English Corner and students Chat, 5:10 shopping home, cook dinner, 5:30, 7:00 at home reading.

这个有翻译: Mother's Day Mother's Day is on the second Sunday in May.Today Mother's Day is celebrated with gifts of special greeting cards, cakes, and flowers

In the early morning, my sister went out and brought home a bunch of pretty flowers. Right after my mother got up out of bed, we said "Happy Mother's Day"! to her and gave

Today is My Mother'sDay . I go to the shopping mall to buy something good as my mother's gift. When I pass by a bakery's store, I see there have some delicious bread. I see a

Mother'sDay it is Mother's Day today. i bought a dress yesterday. i will give it to my dear mother. i love my mother.i want to my mother be happy. i think i will be a good child.What did you do for your mother?母亲节 今天是母亲节.我昨天买了一条裙子.我将把它给我亲爱的妈妈.我爱我的母亲.我希望妈妈会很高兴.我想我会是一个很好的孩子.你为你母亲做了什么呢?【注意:文章中i 没有大写!】

at the time of 6:10, mom gets up,and then goes to the kitchen.about 10 minutes later, 5:00. she goes to market and cook for us . i think mom's tired . that's her whole day.

My mother's day My mother is an English teacher and she likes listening to English radio and reading English newspaper. She always gets up early in the morning. She